Two Historical Firsts in the 2014 Congressional Elections

5 Nov
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The 2014 election results were historically unprecedented. Especially of interest was the Utah and South Carolina congressional elections and the mainstream media has not reported on these historical elections. Maybe it was because the winners were Republicans.

Mia Love of Utah made history by being the first female black American Republican elected to the House of Representatives. She is a former mayor of a small town in Utah. She is the daughter of Haitian-American immigrants, so that makes her the first Haitian-American from any party to be elected to the House.



Governor Nikki Haley appointed Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina to the Senate to a seat vacated by Senator Jim DeMint. Senator Tim Scott was elected to complete the term and now becomes the first Black American elected to the Senate from the South since Reconstruction.


Following the Civil War, most freed slaves became Republicans because it was the Republicans, who voted 100% on all three post-Civil War Amendments to the Constitution banning slavery banning and helping the freed slaves. All the Democrats in the South (there were no Republicans at that time) voted 100% against the three Amendments to the Constitution. Immediately the new citizens of the Southern United States began running for offices and the Black Republican party candidates were winning offices for local, state and federal. They soon outnumbered the Democrats after the first post-war elections.

In 1876, because of the election, the Federal Government withdrawn the remaining Union troops from the south. A Republican, Rutherford Hayes became president in a very close election and for the first time since before the Civil War the Democrats controlled the House and purse strings. Also through election fraud and intimidation towards the black voters and any Republican voter, the Democrats regained power in the south and displaced most of the elected Black Americans even though registered Republican voters outnumbered the Democrats.

It should be pointed out that the violence in the south against blacks was actually directed to all Republicans, which included some whites who face the same terrors, and violence as the blacks did.

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