Dr Benjamin Rush, Signer of the Declaration of Independance

25 Feb
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ben rush

"I have alternately been called an Aristocrat and a Democrat. I am neither. I am a Christocrat."

Here are some facts on Dr Benjamin Rush that many may not be aware because our American Godly heritage is no longer being taught in modern education.

  • January 4, 1746 – April 19, 1813
  • Graduated Princeton at age 14
  • Along with Benjamin Franklin they established the first abolitionist group just before the Revolutionary War
  • Member of the Sons of Liberty
  • Signed Declaration of Independence in 1776
  • Served as Surgeon General in the Continental army


    • ​​Dr Rush's order "Directions for preserving the health of soldiers" became one of the foundations of preventative military medicine and was repeatedly republished, including as late as 1908
  • Member of the Continental Congress
  • "Father of Public Education under the Constitution"
  • First to propose nationwide public schools
  • Wrote many of the early textbooks used in American Education
  • 1791 wrote "A Defense of the Use of the Bible in Schools"
  • Promoted Black American education
  • Promoted te first all women schools for education
  • "Father of American Medicine"
  • "Father of American Psychiatry"


    • One of the first people to describe Savant Syndrome and In 1789 he described the abilities of Thomas Fuller, a lightning calculator
    • Pioneered the therapeutic approach to addiction, especially alcohol
  • A pioneer of occupational therapy particularly as it pertains to the institutionalized
  • University professor
  • Founded five colleges, which three still exist today in PA
  • Introduced the first stereotype mass printing of the bible
  • 1791 founded "The First Day Society" which became our Sunday Schools
  • Founded the first American Bible society, "The Bible Society of Philadelphia"
  • Helped Reverend Richard Allen found the African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Helped reconcile the friendship of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams by encouraging the two former presidents to resume writing to each other
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